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New Delhi, Delhi, Inde

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Stage Inde

A propos du stage

You will work for a non profit organisation that runs a home for senior citizens in Delhi,India.

You will be involved in the following:
- Formalize standard operating procedures for the staff,
- Handle weekly events such as musical nights, food festivals, discussions and debates, book readings and other social activities to provide stimulation to the residents,
- Create a story on the residents of the home so they are remembered with fondness even after they are no longer in this world,
- Explore funding possibilities to facilitate opening more such homes,
- Sensitize corporates and builders to this cause to make homes ,not necessarily on a non profit model - - - Explore possibilities of starting hospice facilities in the metro .....a project which is totally at the nascent stage
- Follow up with government agencies at the state level for progress in their projects and offer design consultancy and training of managers pro bono
- Make presentation to the government on the national level on elders issues,need for homes and hospices,policy change re the present population of 100 million elders

These are only a few of the activities . There are many possibilities depending on your particular talent.

Together with the responsibility ,you will be able to explore places of interest in and around Delhi......the Taj Mahal, the romantic city of Udaipur , the hubbub of Old Delhi ....

Being non profit ,it will be difficult to provide monetary compensation but we can boarding and lodging.

If you are interested, please send us a resume to

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