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Montréal, QC, Canada

Descriptif du stage

You will work for a Canadian group involved in Engineering and consultancy , High tech products supply, General trading related to consumer products, Cosmetics sector .
We supply services and products to the following areas:
-North and South America
-Middle East&Africa

You are available for 8-12 months.
This position can lead to a permanent position after 12 months, if you perform to expectations.
You have exceptional marketing knowledge and sales background .
You have an above average knowledge of computers: Microsoft office, as well as helping with the brochures , graphic designs, Art works development etc...
You have good knowledge of E-Commerce and sales on web
You also have a great knowledge of English, other languages are plus, specially French, Spanish .
Have interest to travel for short periods when required.
We do not offer remuneration, a Bonus at the end of period may be considered depending on the performance.

Tasks and requirements:

- Dealing with customers, answering phones, making quotations using various Microsoft tools
- Assisting the management in various projects
- Assisting the management in public relation
- Supporting the management sales internationally
- Search engine result work
- Data base management
- Finding new marketing ideas for various products

More over we would assign you to do:

• Organize and analyse market research and surveys, and generate reports on products, services, consumers and sales
• Monitor customer demand, sales, goods produced and/or services delivered
• Help develop new products and services using research, customer feedback and other methods of information gathering
• Identify and implement communication strategies, such as advertising campaigns, to attract customers
• Identify target markets and work out how to deliver a message to particular groups
• Prepare marketing plans, including budgets and progress reports
• Decide on pricing and special deals for goods and services
• Analyse customer feedback and monitor customer satisfaction.

If you are interested, please send us a resume with picture to

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