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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Descriptif du stage

Our company provides translation services. We are based in Vancouver.

You are studying international sales, marketing, communication or have interest in languages, marketing.

The internship is meant for bilingual aspiring translators, project managers and business or marketing/communications managers. Supervisors provide training and communicate with interns on a constant basis. The best candidates are students who are resourceful, have a solid work ethic, a passion for languages, and excellent computer skills.
Students learn how the Canadian translation industry works and the skills he or she needs to operate a successful business. A major benefit is that it provides an immersive English-speaking environment where the student learns to communicate effectively with clients, vendors, colleagues and supervisors.

Project managers train interns on all aspects of project management including quoting, resource research, quality control and proper business communication skills. Interns may also be involved with marketing and communication tasks such as website updates, blogging, social media, marketing research and campaigns, and performance analytics, as well as business administration tasks such as database management and client relations.
Interns may perform occasional proofreading and small translation projects but translation is not a major part of the internship.

Minimum duration is 4 months and preference is given to students who can stay 6 months or longer. Hours are full-time Monday to Friday, 9:30am-5:00pm, except for Statutory Holidays.

All internships are unpaid and should be completed for the purpose of fulfilling requirements for a program of study at a registered business school, language school, college or university.

If you are interested, please send us a resume to with the link of the internship offer in your email

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