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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Descriptif du stage


The Logistics & Inventory Assistant, along with the Logistics & Inventory Department, plays an important role in helping the company to achieve its goals for continued growth and leadership by assisting in the further development of logistics strategies. While working within our Operations Team, the Logistics & Inventory Assistant will be directly responsible to the Logistics Executive and the Operations Manager.

The duties of position include, but are not limited, to the following:
- Research new potential vendors (including warehousing, raw material and freight) to further expand our production resources.
- Liaise with those vendors to gather information and develop a working partnership with the company.
- Organise this information using our databases and electronic filing systems.
- Train new vendors in the use of our on-line web-based freight quoting system.
- Assist in the design and implementation of various vendors’ formats to improve our own control over product movement.
- Analyze our market effectiveness and impact.

Required Skills:
- Comfortably communicates over the telephone and via email with current and potential vendors and partners.
- Is comfortable working with all programs included in Microsoft Office (especially Word, Excel and Access).
- Is resourceful and able to work independently.

Skill Sets that Practicum Student Can Expect to Acquire:
- To become highly organized and detail oriented
- To strengthen their analytical and problem-solving abilities
- To become a more proficient multi-tasker, able to work within strict timelines
- To develop more pragmatic decision-making skills
- To better develop their interpersonal skills, permitting them to work more effectively as a team player or independently
- To better understand the business requirements and expectations for Logistics.
- To strengthen their own self confidence

Duration: 3 months minimum
Allowance: unpaid, but if the minimum 12 week is fulfilled we reimburse the public transit cost as long as proof of purchase is provided.

If you are interested, please send your resume to with the internet link of the internship offer.

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