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Sydney Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, Australie

Description du stage

Before starting your internship in the company, you will follow a 12 weeks learning program.
We teach you the ropes of web design and development.
Everything from the basics of CSS all the way to PHP development using Joomla and WordPress.

Week 1
HTML & CSS Basics
Bootstrap framework
Accessibility & Inclusive design principles
Template conversion from PSD design to working template
Conversion of Template into a Joomla template
Conversion of Template into a WordPress theme
This week is aimed and defining the core basics of what all front end developers should know in regards to building up a website. We start with the basic static website template and convert the minimum using PHP and CMS based code to convert it into a working theme or template.

Week 2
Git Basics
Pull Requests
Deploying and maintaining code
This week is another essential week of learning the basics. In the modern world of web design and development we need to track our code that we write and this week looks at the fundamentals of using git to track and maintain code. The final step is deploying that code, whether it is using script or continuous integration methodologies, this week will look at the best ways of deploying your code and getting your site online.

Week 3
Building a Joomla Website
Content and structure
Menu Management
Components and Extending Joomla
Site building exercises
We are primarily a Joomla house, meaning we build the majority of our websites using Joomla. This week concentrates on the basics of what you need to know in regards to building a Joomla website properly. All the ‘gotchas’ and tricks to get the most out of your Joomla based website.

Week 4
Joomla Templating Basics
Joomla template frameworks
T3 framework basics
Best practises using the T3 framework
Conversion of templates into T3 framework
We are also a T3 framework house. We use the T3 framework to build just about all of our websites from the ground up. This week concentrates on the basics of the T3 framework, its benefits and how to use it properly in a new website.

At the end of the first 4 weeks, the participant should have been able to build a Joomla site and template from scratch. Being able to turn a designed website in PSD format to a working site is the essential skill of a front end developer.

Week 5
Managing and upgrading Joomla base website
Site & Server maintenance around Joomla sites
Once a website is up and running, you will need to maintain the server and the website as well. This week we look at all the tools that we use to monitor our websites, update them and keeping them maintained.

Week 6
WordPress theme building basics, child themes
Building WordPress themes using frameworks
Using Customizr as a framework, basics and fundamentals
Conversion of a theme into the Customizr framework
When building WordPRess themes, we either use the base theme that comes with WordPress or the Customizr framework that allows us to use Bootstrap. (Bootstrap is at the core of Joomla so it makes templating and theming in either system easier if you know Bootstrap).

Week 7
WordPress maintenance
Building a WordPress Website
Content and structure
Menu Management
Plugins and Extending WordPress
Site building exercises
As well as building Joomla based website we have many clients on WordPress websites as well. This week looks at building a WordPress website from scratch.

Week 8
Customer service basics
Customer service exercises
A key aspect of being a part of a team and running a web studio is the customer service aspect. This is when we incorporate the skills and etiquette in regards to working with clients. Everything from managing the customer and client, working with the client on project and account management aspects.

The following last month is when the participant takes on real life case studies, usually for non-profit organisations that are getting their work done pro-bono. Under the watchful eye of a mentor at this time, the participant takes on several websites and builds them to the customer’s requirements.

Week 9
Site building exercises
Building a Joomla site with a premade template
Building a WordPress website with a premade theme

Week 10
Site building exercises
Real client site building exercise for non-profit
Customer service exercises

Week 11
Site building exercises
Real client site building exercise for non-profit
Customer service exercises

Week 12
Site building exercises
Real client site building exercise for non-profit
Customer service exercises

At the end of the 12 weeks of working as an Intern, you should be able to build your own templates and themes for WordPress and Joomla, as well as build basic websites for clients and customers using either platform. You will also have the proper etiquette in regards to engaging customers and providing support.

If you’re interested in working through our training and internship program please contact us and ask if there is any room available at

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